Chinese Whispers

I’m writing this in Phoenix where it is warm and sunny… a far cry from the blizzard conditions that we are having at home in the UK this week. Why am I in Phoenix? This is our winter base for 09/10 and where our winter mods will take place… it’s also where the Hammond canRead more

Ending on a High Note From Musical Airports

Friday and Saturday turned into a game of “musical airports”. On Friday we sat and watched the fog and I drank tea… just like flying in the UK winter… and then after lunch there was a chink of light from the east… Jurg, the helicopter film pilot, decided to go and have a look andRead more

Porto Race Not To Be Mist.

The Victory Show at Cosby was perfect… lots of re-enacting and pyrotechnics and I got to roar around in the most famous Spitfire in the world doing aerobatics with Mr Kay in his Mustang… the Leicester curry on the Saturday night was superb and quality wise on a par with the Mumbai curry last week…Read more

Reflection On Budapest

I’ve experienced some odd weeks in my time but that one just about takes the biscuit… For whatever reason I could not get “in the groove” with my aeroplane… I was starting to get really worried for Wade and Nigel because they’d got the team really well oiled (Wade with the aeroplane and Nigel withRead more

Tour de France

The aeroplane spent the last few weeks at Wycombe Air Park where we gave it a thorough “check-up” in an attempt to squeeze some more performance out of it… “Doctor” Hammond worked his magic and last week we pronounced ourselves fit to go. I flew several times to get back in the swing of thingsRead more

Within The Limits

The re-acquaintance with my original Edge was a pleasure and I spent a couple of afternoons roasting around getting my muscle memory topped up with Edge roll rates and feel. This Edge is set up as original and there is something very satisfying about flying an aeroplane that is as the designer intended. There isRead more

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