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Air Racing History, Facts, Events and Latest News

Are you interested in the best worldwide and Las Vegas Air Races? Do you want to be in the know of the events that can give you an adrenaline rush and give you what you need to have fun? If so, – welcome to our page.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Las Vegas air races, the most popular and important Red Bull events and everything else in between – flying planes and racing with them, team and individual championships – local and international flying events and whatnot.

Just stay tuned, and we’ll give you a ride to the clouds and back.

Air Racing History

About Red Bull Air Race: Las Vegas

We all know that Las Vegas is the name of the location for having fun and it isn’t really big news that this city has hosted some of the most amazing events in the world. The same case was with the Red Bull Las Vegas Air Races. This is one of the most memorable and important events of air races in the world. It happened on the 11-12 October back in 2014, and ever since then, it has had huge significance on the next events.

Besides the 2014 Las Vegas air races, 2015 was also a good year for the Las Vegas Air Races, as there were continuous exciting events during the races. And the same thing was for the 2016, when the Las Vegas Air Races swept the feet of anyone in the world that has any love for air races. After all, the final stop was at Vegas’ Air Races, and it happened on the Motor Speedway in Nevada.

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Red Bull Air Race Las Vegas

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Brief History (of the Beginning of Air Racing)

Air racing is basically the sport of racing airplanes. Sometimes it can be over a predetermined course or cross-country up to transcontinental limits.

You’d probably be surprised to learn that air racing has origins right after the invention of flying machines itself. Specifically, it dates back to 1909, when the first international event was held at Reims, France.

In this time, the aviation pioneers used contests for speed and distance, and many engineers used these events in order to develop and test the airplanes they’ve built. Of course, the planes weren’t as safe or secure as they are now, but they advanced their designs with each new event and competition.


The thing that makes air flying so interesting on an international level, is the fact that there aren’t many events, but the ones that there are, are highly advanced and offer some great thrill for people who enjoy planes and flying in general.

Red Bull hosts a lot of great air races, and one of their most popular one is the British one, which obviously, happens in the UK. Besides this one, there are many national air races that catch the attention of air racing enthusiasts.

The last but definitely not least important air racing championship is the European one – which happens on numerous locations in Europe, and a champion is chosen at the end of it. In the last few years, this event became the most popular one in the world.

What Planes Are Used in the Red Bull Air Race?

The Red Bull Air Races are some of the most popular ones because of the very reason – they feature some of the best and most advanced planes in the world. For instance, the competitors who take part in these events use high-performing aerobatic planes which are developed by professionals and have great specs. Some of the most common names of planes you’ll hear when you talk about planes in the Red Bull Air Races are the Zivko Edge 540, the MX Aircraft MXS and the Corvus Racer 540.

You should also know that the planes are equipped with Lycoming engines, and the wingspan of all aircrafts must be less than 25 ft (7.6 metres). Their top speed must also range between 252 to 265 mph (406 to 426 km/h).