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San Diego Course

What a great spot for an air race… we’re back in San Diego and Team Bonhomme arrived yesterday ready for racing.


We’ve saved a little bit of weight since we got back from Abu Dhabi. Wade, Jim and Tex worked hard on the plane and we’re all set.


The track here is the same as last year… after the start gate it’s a slight right turn into the chicane followed by a right into gate 3 and then a hard left turn into 4 before a long stretch to a right turning quaddro and then a right turn to the last gate… there are two laps of the course and the fun here will be the turn in to gate 4 and the turn into the last gate… both easy to do with a relaxed turn but more challenging to turn in tight to save time. Another fun challenge will be the start speed because I don’t think we’ll have the luxury of a straight run in here (there’s a nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the way!)… so watch out for some track time being thrown away as pilots try and get up to 200 kts without exceeding it before the start gate… roll on race day!