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The Team

                                                                                     The Pilot: Paul Bonhomme
Team owner and race pilot Paul enjoys all types of flying, comes from an aviation family and describes himself as “not too bad” at Air Racing. Winning the World Championships 2009 & 2010, he has achieved an unsurpassed record of 36 podium finishes out of 50 races that includes 13 race wins. He caught the bug from his father, Colin, a British Army pilot who went on to a successful airline career. His mother also flew as a stewardess with BEA in the late fifties….. and his brother is a Captain flying the Airbus A320. Paul’s passion for aerobatics started when he worked at White Waltham airfield near London where he helped Richard Goode prepare and maintain his Pitts Special aircraft. Paul went on to fly aerobatics displays for Richard in the Pitts, Yak 50, Extra 300 and Sukhoi 26. He continues to display Russian aircraft alongside former Air Race pilot Steve Jones as the Matadors. In the meantime, the “day job” also took Paul into the airline world, starting with Air Cymru at Cardiff flying 737’s and he now flies 747’s for British Airways. At weekends he can occasionally be found flying vintage aircraft such as the Mustang and Spitfire for the Old Flying Machine Company at Duxford. Paul lives in Cambridgeshire, England with his wife Laura, his stepson Charlie, young daughter Olivia, Florence and Poppy.
Total Fying Hours 16300
Nationality British
Date of birth 22.09.1964
Wade Hammond
Our team technician Wade Hammond was born for Air Racing.
Having met Paul in 1998 and worked on his aircraft, he joined the team for the 2005 season. This winning partnership keeps Wade on the road throughout the year where he has developed a global network of friends and resources.
Born in South Africa, he started the perfect apprenticeship at a young age, working on aircraft with his father, an electrical engineer. His vast engineering knowledge that is beyond his years, thirst for innovation and the latest technology keeps us consistently on the podium.
Wade enjoys mountain biking, holds a Private Pilot¹s Licence and is a true adventurist. During the three year break in Air Race, Wade has been working on heavy machinery in remote parts of Southern Africa coping with limited resources as only he can.
Team Coordinator – Logistics:
Nigel Warren
As team coordinator, Nigel Warren joined the team in 2008 to assist with the
continued success Paul & Wade had already achieved. His various responsibilities include ensuring that both pilot and technician’s lives flow smoothly with minimal disruption during hectic race weeks and is involved in our logistical planning.
An Englishman born in New Zealand, he has worked in and around general aviation for 22 years, including periods in Russian aircraft sales and 7 years as a commercial pilot flying Falcon Business Jets in the USA. Now based back in the UK he returns to the team in a part time capacity whilst continuing to work for a global pilot training supplier. When not involved in planning for the RBAR season he collects loyalty program points and tries to repeat Paul’s jokes.
Team Aerodynamicist:
Paulo Iscold
Iscold is a professor at Universidade Federal de Minas
Gerais and brings a wealth of engineering and aerodynamic knowledge to the team. His main task is track optimisation.