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The Aircraft

Zivko Edge 540
Country of manufacture USA
Manufacturer Designer Zivko Aeronautics, Inc.
Place of Manufacture Guthrie Municipal AP, Oklahoma USA
Type aircraft Unlimited Aerobatic Race Aircraft
Crew One
Wing span 7,43m
Fuselage length 6,30m
Height 2,8m
Propeller Hartzell HC-C3YR-1A
Engines One Lycoming IO-540; 300hp, B&C starter, 20A alternator, slick mags, Airflow fuel injection system
Fuel Fuselage tank capacity 71 l – Wing tank capacity 158 l
Weight 530kg
Max take off weight 817kg
Cruise speed 370km/h
Max speed 426km/h
Max rate of roll 420deg/sec
G-limits +/- 12G
Performance Lots – thank you!