Tuesday, May 26  2015 
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  1 P. Bonhomme GBR 24  
  2 M. Hall AUS 18  
  3 N. Lamb GBR 8  
  4 P. McLeod CAN 7  
  4 M. Dolderer GER 7  
  6 N. Ivanoff FRA 6  
  7 H. Arch AUT 5  
  8 Y. Muroya JAP 4  
  9 M. Goulian USA 3  
  10 K. Chambliss USA 2  
  10 P. Besenyei HUN 2  
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A win in Japan
May 17th, 2015    
Thanks for your support everybody!! Once again I can say that I managed to lap up all the applause for what was not entirely my effort. Of course I happened to be sat in the aeroplane when it thrashed through the finishing line but it is a team effort and once again I am chuffed to bits to have the team that we have. Wade, Paulo, Di here in Japan and of course Nigel at home (who has been in Europe for this race, watching from afar and making sure we're behaving... he's back on site in Croatia)... Our efforts in the qualifying yesterday got us a cheeky first round run against Mr Arch (thanks to the new format, his bad luck turned into mine!)... That is a huge mental game going up against another traditionally fast pilot but we kept our cool.

Round 2, the Super 8, saw us meet local man Yoshi who managed to get a bit carried away with his elevator and pull over 10G (which got him a DQ)... In the final four round, we were up against a load of "quicks" and we stuck to plan A and hey presto, it worked. In hindsight it all sounds so amazingly simple but this is a game of chess now and it is not for the nervous. Our plan now is to treat the next race as race 1 and not get carried away with our success so far. We are only too aware of what happened last year (a 1st and 2nd in the first two races and we dropped off to finish 3rd overall for the year) and know that we must keep pushing hard to do well... As I type this the aeroplane is being disassembled and put on an air-freight pallet... 2 months of sea-freight, a complete assembly and disassembly in Japan and now 5000 miles of air-freight for 8 minutes of track flying. Proof that this is a team effort!!
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Mustering for Japan
May 05th, 2015    

What do the UK, South Africa and Brazil have in common? Probably lots of things but this week it is the fact that Team Bonhomme are setting off from those three countries to go to Japan for the 2nd race of the 2015 Red Bull Air Race season. We\'re heading for Chiba and we\'ll be racing there on the 16th and 17th of May... we know where we want to finish but that is a fa...

Off To The Races - RBAR Ascot
August 15th, 2014    
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