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  1 P. Bonhomme GBR 76  
  2 M. Hall AUS 71  
  3 H. Arch AUT 34  
  4 M. Sonka CZK 29  
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  6 Y. Muroya JAP 23  
  7 N. Lamb GBR 20  
  8 P. McLeod CAN 19  
  9 N. Ivanoff FRA 15  
  10 M. Goulian USA 13  
  11 K. Chambliss USA 9  
  12 P. Besenyei HUN 8  
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That's all folks!
October 22nd, 2015    

Las Vegas 2015 was my last race. I have taken the decision to stop to pursue other flying activities as well as enjoying family time at home.

The new race format was the catalyst to consider my options and then various other reasons added to my eventual decision. I have thoroughly enjoyed my ten years of racing and will miss those golden moments in the track.

Thank you to everyone along the way, it has been a blast! Thank you to Mr Mateschitz for your passion and vision, thank you to everyone at Red Bull Air Race (past and present) for you endless effort to get the job done, thank you to all the other teams who have been such good company and competition, thank you to my team who have been the best and thank you to the fans for your support.

I can’t wait to watch a race next year as I have never actually seen one!

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Off to Las Vegas
September 30th, 2015    

It's come down to the last race of the season... we're 8 points ahead with one race to go. It is not enough to relax and the race in Las Vegas will be very interesting. With the head-to-head format anything can happen and we'll look forward to seeing how it pans out in the third weekend of October... watch this space...

Off To The Races - RBAR Ascot
August 15th, 2014    
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