Friday, August 29  2014 
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  7 Y. Muroya JAP 10  
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The morning after the night before
May 19th, 2014    
The Malaysian round didn't quite go as we planned. We spent the weekend looking at my flying style to gain speed but then gave in to the fact that we may have an engine issue. Wade has removed it and it is off to the States to be inspected for issues with the number 1 cylinder. We’ll know more next week. Meanwhile on the bright side of life, we at least got 4 points from the weekend and Nigel Lamb arrived in a blaze of glory to take the win. That has kept three points from Hannes that he would have pinched if he’d won. So given that we might not have flown because of the engine and that Hannes was second, we’re now 5 points behind instead of a possible 12. My optimist chip has just fired into action! We are chuffed to bits for Team Breitling who hosted the teams after the race in fine fashion. Thank you Sandra for your hospitality and we hope Nigel was not feeling too “secondhand” from the winning celebrations the next morning... actually no, what a great way to feel shabby, winning an air race! 
One highlight of my week was being driven in a golf cart to an interview in the nearby Pullman hotel. What’s so good about that I hear you ask? Firstly, it was being driven by Jonathan Legard the former F1 commentator and secondly we were in the middle of a tropical storm.

Rain drops the size of small frogs, me standing up to get into the roof of the golf cart away from the rain and Jonathan taking the racing line everywhere to reduce the “complete and utter soaking” to just a “total soaking”. We took a set of steps at speed (I’ve never done a “jump” in a golf cart) but he did drift wide into a road cone on a tricky water soaked left hander on dry tyres into the hotel corridor. He was even commentating on some sections! Great fun... shame we got the chequered flag and had to stop! 
We’re nervously waiting now for the results of the engine inspection. Meanwhile, we will look forward to receiving the details of the Poland track so we can see what lies in store for us in sunny Gdynia. Let’s hope we’re back in the fight... As I drove to the airport this morning in KL, there was the most beautiful storm brewing, as seen in this photo. Let's hope our engine issue doesn't cause any more storms to brew too...

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Day 4 in sunny Putrajaya
May 15th, 2014    

So here we are in Malaysia. First thing, we are being looked after so well by the Malaysians... a very hospitable nation. Second, we love the temperature. It’s been around the mid-30’s centigrade all week, occasionally spiking up to the high 30’s. The slight disadvanta...

Off To The Races - RBAR Ascot
August 15th, 2014    
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