Saturday, November 22  2014 
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  1 N. Lamb GBR 53  
  2 H. Arch AUT 48  
  3 P. Bonhomme GBR 47  
  4 P. McLeod CAN 37  
  5 M. Hall AUS 33  
  6 N. Ivanoff FRA 30  
  7 M. Dolderer GER 21  
  8 M. Sonka CZK 11  
  9 Y. Muroya JAP 10  
  10 P. Besenyei HUN 6  
  11 K. Chambliss USA 5  
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A result in Vegas?
October 05th, 2014    

 The team are off to Las Vegas this week for the penultimate race of the year... We're not planning on any gambling, just planning on going fast. It should be an interesting week....

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September 07th, 2014    

If Ascot was "haute cuisine", perhaps Dallas could be described as a wopping great big steak... big and brash, The Texas Motor Speedway was certainly large enough and it was hot. Typically in the high 30\'s centigrade every day, we tried to keep cool. Probably a bit too cool as once again, we were 5th. That\'ll do now, enough 5ths for the year. We must go fast...

Off To The Races - RBAR Ascot
August 15th, 2014    
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